There are a million ways to run a great business and even more ways to move, store, access, and utilize the data your business needs. While storing data on a hard drive or in your computer save files might be the way you’ve always done it, there is one important question to be asked. Is there a better way? As technology evolves and the ease of saving and accessibility to data become top priority, you can benefit from a better way to save, move, and access your company’s data. It’s called Cloud Storage. Why use cloud storage for your business? In addition to the ease and simplicity of use, cloud storage options offer an endless list of benefits that can transform the way your business sees and uses data.     


What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is an easy and affordable way to save, manage, and move data for your business. Instead of managing a physical or personal data storage suite of technologies, cloud storage utilizes the internet to bring your data needs to one easy to use place. Typically, each cloud storage program is managed and maintained by a cloud service company, eliminating the need for in-house management of data needs. Your data now being saved and stored in the cloud opens a variety of doors for business-wide accessibility, ease of use, data storage amounts, and top-notch security.  


Why Use Cloud Storage?

Ease of Use

From easy mobility to convenient access options, the benefits of storing your business data on the cloud are endless. One major benefit comes with the user-friendly nature of cloud storage. When you store your business’ information in a cloud storage space, you create a one-stop-shop for all the data you may need for future projects, reference, or retention. Storing all the relevant and important data you need in one convenient location creates less confusion when sharing information and eliminates frustration when traditionally stored data can’t be found.


Data will no longer be held hostage by a disconnected hard drive or overloaded computer storage. When you move your data to the cloud, you gain the ability to seamlessly share relevant data with those who need it. Instead of having to redownload saved files only to reupload them somewhere else or search through a tangled mess of data to attach to an email, cloud stored data is easy to reach and even easier to share.  


Amount of Storage

A major drawback to traditional data storage solutions comes with the limited capacity. Hard drives fill up and computers become bogged down with no gigabytes to spare. When moving to the cloud, you remove the stress of limited storage. Begin your cloud storage with the amount you need for the data you have. As you grow, your cloud will grow with you. Instead of reaching a storage ceiling, cloud services allow you the option to purchase additional storage space as your need arises. This eliminates the possibility of your business outgrowing your data storage solution. 


Cost Effectiveness

Personal data storage solutions come with many limitations and many data storage companies will charge you for services and space you don’t need. For small and medium sized businesses, every dollar counts when it comes to running your business effectively. Instead of spending on services you don’t need and being looped into bundle deals that cost more than they save, cloud storage gives you the flexibility to only pay for what you need. Begin with low-cost storage space for your data and slowly add on space as your data needs grow.  


Most storage solutions limit your data access to one computer, one network, or one hard drive. In a constantly evolving business world, data needs to be available at any time and place. Cloud Storage for your business allows your data to be accessed whenever it’s needed and anywhere there is an internet connection. Whether it’s retrieving a presentation on a co-workers computer or pulling up statistics for an impromptu meeting, your data is now available whenever and wherever you need it. 

Information Safety

Whether you’ve been burned by a hardware crash before or fallen victim to ransom or malware, data safety needs to be a top priority for your business. When you move your data to cloud storage you gain access to protection of all kinds. Cloud data is distributed over a range of servers, keeping it safe from any type of hardware issue or failure that could result in data loss. In case of some other event, cloud storage solutions take snapshots and perform automatic backups to ensure data is safe. In addition, most cloud solutions add ransom and malware protection to their data saves.  

How the Cloud Helps

Statistics show that over 90% of today’s businesses are using cloud services in some capacity. This percentage is expected to grow each year. Why are so many using cloud storage for their business? All the benefits of utilizing cloud storage culminate to improvements to all areas of a business. 

Financially, cloud services are saving businesses money across the board. Hardware costs and the charges with maintaining that hardware are eliminated in your company’s budget when you move to cloud storage solutions.  

Operationally, cloud services are saving businesses time, reducing communication and sharing issues, and boosting productivity with the ease and convenience of cloud data storage systems. 


Take your team to the next level when you use cloud storage for your business. Find out why so many business owners across the world have gone cloud and never gone back. Take advantage of all the benefits cloud storage services can provide for your small or medium sized business now!