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Simplicity – OfficePort was designed to service all the IT needs of small & medium businesses.  We offer a complete one-stop-shop for business to outsource all of their IT.  OfficePort can help guide & support your business from decision making to implementation and operations.


Quality – Do it right the first time.  With our broad level of international experience and leadership, we have the skills on board to handle all of your IT needs.


Integrity – we live and die by our reputation.  Our firm grows mainly by word of mouth.  Our long term success depends on giving correct business advice and IT guidance to our customers.  They depend on us.


Partnerships – we are not alone.  OfficePort has a long partnerships history with top IT industry leaders including Microsoft, HP, Citrix, WatchGuard, Cisco and more.  We leverage these partnerships to bring world class products and services to our clients.


Results – we have earned a reputation for getting the job done.  We deliver on time and on budget.

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 Address: 1 Inlet Drive, Tantallon, NS B3Z 2L3

Tel. 888-784-2322