What Is Desktop Support?

Desktop support technicians provide the first line of defense against technological (hardware/software) issues that arise with your computer equipment. Technicians have to support duties ranging from providing the highest level of support to users over the phone to helping equipment owners install and manage applications – for example, a desktop support technician may be tasked with installing Docker Desktop on Windows computers.

However, at the core of their duties, desktop support technicians represent information technology professionals that maintain computer hardware and software systems. Desktop support engineers must provide support for Windows and Mac computers – this means that they’re responsible for the assembly and installation of desktops, and the amount of support they provide regarding other issues is unparalleled.

Also included among the responsibilities of a desktop support technician are managing the installation of new programs and their respective updates, in addition to providing generalized technical support to users while connected to the same desktop.

What Makes Desktop Support Stand Out?

You may be wondering: what’s the difference between help desk support and desktop support? While help desk technicians provide general guidance and second-line computing support to the computer users of the workforce, desktop support technicians go one step further.

Because desktop support technicians are also responsible for the assembly and installation of desktops, they understand how a computer works. This means they can adequately provide access to the virtualized desktops enabling them to resolve more complex technological issues that require screen sharing (where both parties are connected to the same desktop).

Mainly, desktop support technicians provide the highest level of support available, while your typical help desk technician isn’t very helpful beyond telling you to restart your machine. Desktop support technicians can help you have access to the virtualized desktops from another desktop or mobile device, providing support over the telephone to troubleshoot any issues you may have along the way.

Designed to support a large network of computers, desktop support companies pride themselves on speaking with users over the phone in a timely manner. Their role is to support and maintain organizational structure when it comes to taking customer calls and queries so that everyone can be responded to in a prompt manner. Desktop technicians offer technical support by phone or online for your convenience.

Finally, in addition to diagnosing, troubleshooting, and ultimately resolving hardware and software issues plaguing everyday PC users, expert desktop technicians have to support the needs of each company they work with. This may lead them to assess the user needs of their clients and recommend technical desktop solutions, such as installing security patches or software upgrades.

Desktop support technicians may also provide the type of technical support that necessitates a renewal of your current equipment – in order to provide the most comprehensive and secure desktop support available, you need to have upgraded software and hardware for us to work with.

Systemic software and hardware reconfiguration are often used in desktop support, and our desktop support technicians work to document any changes we make (along with documenting and maintaining your customer records and the technical support procedures we use).

But above all, desktop support technicians pride themselves on responding to user queries with speed and accuracy to quickly resolve technological issues that may otherwise lose your company money.

Desktop support technicians are able to connect users to proper information about the best software installation and maintenance procedures to utilize. The use and maintenance of desktop systems can become complex, but when it does, our team is always on call with an opportunity to help yours.

What Gives Desktop Support the Importance It Deserves?

Speaking of helping your team, another underrated aspect of hiring desktop support technicians is having the opportunity to revamp your cybersecurity procedures. In addition to providing the highest level of support with actual technical issues regarding your equipment, desktop support specialists take constant backups of your most important data, upgrade your networks and security systems as needed, and install new hardware/software security solutions intended to further protect your company. 

Desktop support is quite important to have for users wishing to secure their sensitive information within the cloud. By design, the “cloud” is a virtual haven for backed-up computer data to be stored within. When you back up your company’s data to the cloud using the services our desktop support technicians can provide, you make your data accessible from anywhere. You also ensure that none of your data ever gets lost, because the main difference between physical and cloud storage servers is that one type exists and can be destroyed.

In the event of a natural disaster or computer emergency, you need desktop support right away. That’s why we provide 24/7/365 customer support with real desktop support technicians to offer technical support by phone or online. The difference between a consumer desktop and the desktops used by our workforce can be seen in the blazing fast speeds our equipment offers. If we determine that a technical desktop problem is heavily related to the age or quality of your company’s software or hardware, we provide affordable monthly rental plans for state-of-the-art, secured desktop equipment. 

No matter what, desktop support is important because it is a second voice amidst the chaos of a company disaster. It supports and maintains organizational structure within your company by ensuring that none of your data is lost and that all of your computer equipment is working as expected.

If you’re wondering about the general competence of our technical crew, we require that each of our desktop support technicians gain their training on technology systems, computer equipment, and software programs during their time in college. To that end, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is required to work as a competent desktop support technician with the skills and intelligence to adapt quickly and solve problems in an efficient manner.

Because desktop support technicians also initially receive customer service training to better understand your requests and handle the sheer amount of call volume we receive without breaking in half, they are able to effectively provide desktop support and troubleshoot/resolve critical technical desktop issues for beginner computer users. Their importance can’t be overstated!

How Do I Know If Desktop Support Is Right for Me? 

Maybe you’re wondering: is desktop support right for me?

If you’re a computer user looking for a company designed to support the desktop technology and cybersecurity needs of businesses just like yours, we’re the place to call. When it comes to the assembly and installation of desktops, providing support over the telephone to troubleshoot desktop issues, and providing access to your most important data from any device at any time, our desktop support technicians surpass the competition.

We provide desktop support services and troubleshoot complex hardware and software issues for an affordable monthly fee (costing far less than the price a full IT Support team would charge). The type of technical support provided to computer users varies from person to person and is intensely individual. We know your computer from the inside out, and we want to help you get to know your desktop’s security features a little better.

If you’re looking to revamp your company’s hardware and software, our desktop support technicians take care of system reconfigurations that swap old, dingy computers with monstrously fast PCs designed to support maximum security, speed, and efficiency.

On another note, if you’re interested in expanding your company to have a greater online presence, hiring our desktop support technicians is a great idea. They can help users find your website on social media by equipping your company with support for the widgets defining the Internet today. Embedding and dispersing your sales content in a secure and safe manner on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can be a fantastic opportunity to get noticed. Social media posts are everywhere these days, and if your website hasn’t migrated its presence to social media channels yet, you’re doing business wrong.

If you’re a business owner looking to migrate data across devices – namely, if you’re migrating data to your computer from another desktop or mobile device – you need to ensure that no virtual doors are opened for hackers and cyber-vandals. If you don’t want to get your data stolen by malicious actors, hire our desktop support technicians to safely migrate your most sensitive and important information to the cloud. There, it will be accessible from any device – mobile or PC. This affords users maximum convenience and informational security.  

What If I Need Further Information?

If you need further information regarding desktop support and how it can benefit your company’s bottom line, log onto Google and input our company’s name in the search bar. Our website is full of comprehensive information further explaining what we do, how we do it, and why you should choose us to be your desktop support specialists. If you’re interested in hiring our desktop support specialists and technicians to protect your bottom line and profit margin, give us a call today to get started!