IT Services

At OfficePort, we have taken many of the most commonly used technologies and made them available at affordable monthly subscription prices. Using this Managed approach, clients can easily run their businesses on predictable, low monthly costs.
Our offerings include:

  • Desktop Support – the daily care & feeding of desktops and laptops including: Help Desk Support, Windows updates, printer driver installation and support, network/internet/wireless connectivity. This covers most of the day to day calls to the Help Desk for things like “I can’t print…” or “I forgot my password”.

  • Managed Servers – servers require a little more attention.  This service includes basic server support including Windows updates, up/down availability, backup monitoring, etc.

  • Desktop/Server Security – this includes anti-virus, anti-malware protection for servers and desktops. We utilize Symantec EndPoint protection on the server and desktop. Symantec has been a top industry leader in this space for over 15 years. Benefits include centralized monitoring and alerting, automated updates and centralized policy management.

  • Managed Firewall – we are pleased to announce we are now able to offer managed firewalls through our partnership with WatchGuard. This is a great way for small/medium business to get world class security without the significant up front costs of purchasing a firewall. We deliver the WatchGuard appliance on site to the customer and manage it throughout the life of the firewall, insuring that client’s systems and data remain secure. Because it is a managed device, customers are alerted by us in the event of a problem or risk.

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