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Are you looking for the best managed IT services Dartmouth NS has to offer? You may be in luck – we’re the company for your managed IT Service needs. Our managed IT services allow your company to outsource its network security needs, management decisions, and device repairs. In addition, we offer cloud storage services and cybersecurity services designed to bolster your company’s ultimate level of security and digital technology management.

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Our managed IT Services allow companies to delegate their IT operations to expert third-party organizations for the purpose of maintaining technological operations outside the company itself. We offer comprehensive customer support and charge only a flat fee for the delivery of our support and services over a period of time.

This makes us a lot cheaper to utilize than full-service IT providers, which can often cost tons of money and are often unnecessary for small to medium-sized businesses. Instead, we provide a set service for a set period of time because you don’t need all of the larger protections a full-sized IT managed services provider could offer.

Cloud computing has allowed the boundaries of managed IT services in Dartmouth to be broken down and reestablished beyond the localities they’re within. This is key because off-site cloud storage and backups are essential for maintaining a proper handle on important files and customer information that could otherwise be lost. A natural disaster, malicious employee, or even a careless mistake could result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Managed IT services can scale their provisions at a dramatically cheaper rate than full IT service providers while offering the same cloud storage capabilities, making managed IT services the proper route to take when looking to defend your company against malicious attacks. We utilize software programs to remotely gather information about the technological status and operating condition of the devices held in your office.

We then utilize backup and disaster recovery tools to ensure that none of your organization’s important files are ever compromised. These tools work cohesively to maintain a company’s critical business functions even in the midst of a data or power outage. These functions will continue to operate as normal no matter what happens – no natural disaster or power outage will keep your organization offline for more than a few seconds when you work with us.

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Dartmouth Nova Scotia is a small coastal town located on the west coast of Halifax in Nova Scotia. Dartmouth has long been the home to many immigrants and settlers, particularly the French and Dutch during the late 1700’s. Today, Dartmouth Nova Scotia has become a thriving small town that serves as a great place to live. This small coastal town offers many different things for residents and visitors alike.

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