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IT Support Fredericton, by Office Port, is technical support for your business to get the basic IT skills it needs. Our on site or virtual IT support center provides you the professionals support specialist whenever you need it. The IT support team we have provides the highest level of services and support in New Brunswick that surpass the basic IT skills required. Put your business in good hands by contacting us today.

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 What is IT Support

IT Support is having support professionals ready to help your business. From day to day items and support for emergency issues such as cyber-attacks and file loss. Our tech support team offer out-of-hours support for business that need 24 hour support. With our support you will gain a unique plan to give your business the tech infrastructure in the leading edge of IT systems.

Helpdesk IT Support

Our support plans all include and deliver comprehensive customer collaboration, support and quality around your business needs. By us having a relevant IT technical degree we are able to learn the needs of your business and make sure that you stay up and running. Our plans guarantee you continue to support so that you no longer need to waste time on the issues. Get an expert in IT support on your team and gain a sound IT system. This essential part of your business, paired with our support technicians, is a great way to get your business on fast track for IT system success.

Benefits of IT Support

  • Get engineers with experience
  • Support help with all the credentials
  • Ensuring your business success

About Fredericton, NS

Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick, Canada, and host a population of 58,000 people. Situated along the Saint John River, Fredericton offers wet and cold weather most days of the year. Although they do not have any professional sports teams to represent them, both universities have athletic programs that compete in the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association. Paired with an athletic school program Fredericton is also known for its trail systems and outdoor activities such as the Carleton Park. It is a part of the Northside Riverfront Trail, that includes a boat launching area for those wanting to fish or leisure on the water.

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Tel. 888-784-2322