IT Consulting

IT Strategy & Planning

  • The right strategy can put your business far ahead of the competition.  Planning and preparing for future technology and trends is challenging and very fast paced.  OfficePort has the inside track with executives and consultants with +35 years experience in the IT sector.

  • We leverage knowledge, experience and partnerships (Microsoft, HP, Citrix, Symantec, WatchGuard, etc) to bring value to our customers.

  • Having an IT Plan in place allows your business to harness and leverage the power of technology rather than fire-fighting.

  • IT Strategy must be aligned with stakeholder values and goals.  We can help you focus your IT Strategy and execute to deliver solid business results.

Design & Architecture

OfficePort delivers design and architecture consulting solutions for Microsoft Cloud Solutions (Office 365 + Azure), Citrix Solutions, as well as traditional on premise solutions where customers still own their own server(s). We can readily help you migrate to the Cloud with Microsoft or our own private cloud solution or even help you build your own Cloud with Citrix technology.

Project Management

We are a team of experienced technology experts with deep, broad skills covering many industry sectors over a long period of time. This seniority allows us to bring decades of firsthand knowledge to your project. Planning, oversight, execution on time and on budget are all things we do well.

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