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Desktop Support Fredericton, by Office Port, works with business to provide support , technical support, and desktop support services. This end user support services has the option to enable virtual desktop support. Virtual Desktop allows users to access their work terminal no matter their location. When working remotely, a virtual desktop can be serviced and get a desktop support staff. If you are thinking about desktop support call us today at Office Port.

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Line Support VS Remote Support VS In Person

Desktop support staff can provide support in a variety of ways. Line or phone support is given over the phone without a services and support technician having to be on site or controlling your desktop. Remote or virtual support is when a technician remotes into your devise to diagnose and fix the issue. In person, or on-site support allows for all of the above as well as the technician being able to look at the hardware. Each of these methods all for help desk support, hardware support for business, software support, as well as chat and email support.


The Standard Desktop Support

Direct customer support will help users with common items such as installation of desktop and laptop applications, software upgrade and security for both desktop and laptop computers. Working with desktops there are a variety options for support in a three-tiered technical support model. With plans that will fit your needs and budget you can count on excellent support.


Benefits of IT Assistance

  • Get support in your department
  • Get assistance with software support
  • Get a custom plan package of support


How to Get Started

  1. Contact us to book a Consultation
  2. Attend 30 min Consultation Meeting
  3. Get a Office Port IT Plan
  4. Hire us to implement the plan


 About Fredericton, NS

Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick, Canada, and host a population of 58,000 people. Situated along the Saint John River, Fredericton offers wet and cold weather most days of the year. Although they do not have any professional sports teams to represent them, both universities have athletic programs that compete in the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association. Paired with an athletic school program Fredericton is also known for its trail systems and outdoor activities such as the Carleton Park. It is a part of the Northside Riverfront Trail, that includes a boat launching area for those wanting to fish or leisure on the water.


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