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If you’re looking for the best cloud services Moncton can offer, you’re in the right place. More often than not, the transmittal of applications onto the cloud makes them more secure and less prone to cybersecurity threats. The city of Moncton is facing more cybersecurity threats than ever before, and the cloud services we provide ensure none of your most sensitive data is ever lost.

When making the move to the cloud, hire a general contractor in Moncton. They understand and implement best practices for migrating to cloud services. Moving applications onto the cloud also makes them accessible from anywhere. For example, if you’ve ever opened a file on the Internet, you’ll notice the domain extension “.aws”.

More commonly known as Amazon Aws, big companies and websites store their publicly accessible data in the Aws cloud. A cloud service technician team provides you with cloud services, storage, and archiving in the Aws cloud with Amazon EBS. The logistics and warehousing sector in greater Moncton has used our cloud services with great success.

Applications on the Aws cloud embrace the power of cloud-based technology whilst possessing the convenience of the cloud. What’s more is that the cost required when virtualizing applications in the cloud will incur only a small monthly fee – much more affordable than hiring a full IT Service and Support team.

Applications which are operating in the cloud are routinely more secure, more accessible, and more protected than their grounded counterparts. Sending workloads to cloud servers makes them load faster because the data isn’t being stored on your own equipment – instead, it’s being stored on our state-of-the-art cloud servers.

If you’re interested in hiring our company’s cloud services and learning best practices for migrating to the cloud, reach out today!

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