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Cloud services are an important part of any functional company. When it comes to maintaining the ability of a company to securely and safely store their data, cloud computing is the way to go. Through offering the best cloud services in Dartmouth, our company is able to securely store your data on our offsite servers lest a natural disaster, malicious employee or careless mistake happen to expose any sensitive customer information. The current state of the world necessitates that identity theft be protected against, and malicious hackers are more than willing to intercept sensitive data via insecure internet networks.

What would you do if a natural disaster struck your company? You might lose all of your data if it is stored on company servers that are physically located within the office building. We make sure this can’t happen by backing up your most important and sensitive data to our cloud servers that are stored offsite. When it comes to showing your most important data to the rest of the world, we make sure nobody can intercept or receive information that wasn’t meant for them. Cloud storage and backup services improve your company’s cybersecurity measures drastically. The best cloud services in Dartmouth, NS are here to stay!

The term “cloud services” typically refers to a very wide range of services delivered on demand to companies and other clients via the Internet. At their core, these cloud services facilitate easy and affordable access to crucial applications and resources that can be stored in the cloud without the need for internal hardware or software infrastructure. For example, we are able to virtualize your company’s operating systems over the Internet in order to avoid storing any sensitive work data on an actual, physical server. Instead, all data is stored in the cloud (including that which is contained within the operating system itself!).

Cloud services typically include services that we use every day without realizing it – for example, checking emails and collaborating on shared files/documents through Google are some ways in which employees already utilize cloud services in the workplace. Because cloud services are fully managed by outsourced third-party companies and cloud computing vendors like us, we make our services available to you via our own servers. This eliminates the need for any physical equipment installation or hosting on company premises or company servers that happen to be onsite.

If you’re interested in checking out the best cloud services Dartmouth has to offer, give us a call today!

About The Area

Dartmouth Nova Scotia is a historic town and historic community located in the Halifax regional municipality of Nova Scotia, Canada. Dartmouth is situated on the coast of the Halifax Harbour near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Dartmouth has been called the City of Lakes, because of the multitude of naturally occurring lakes located around its borders.

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