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What happens when a new version of an application is released e.g. Microsoft Office?
OfficePort users are entitled to use the latest shipping versions of all Microsoft software. We recommend to our clients that they wait approximately ninety days to insure newly shipped products are bug free before adopting them in a production business environment.

Who owns the license for the software?
The customer is licensed by OfficePort to use the applications as per the Service Level Agreement.

What if I already own software licenses, Microsoft or otherwise?
Microsoft licenses are transferable from the customer to OfficePort. This will reduce the cost of the published applications. Non-Microsoft applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Why is the cost of OfficePort high relative to the cost of Microsoft Office?
OfficePort includes much more than just the application license. Comparing the off the shelf price of Microsoft Office is not accurate. Comparisons must take in to account things such as: server hardware, software, backup hardware, software and media, antivirus protection, data storage capacity, depreciation expense and the never ending upgrade cycle of hardware and software. When all of these factors are properly considered and analyzed in a business case, OfficePort demonstrates a proven 20%-60% reduction in IT expenses. OfficePort can provide a free business case analysis for your business to demonstrate the savings.

What happens if I have a problem with my desktop computer?
Support of your desktop environment is not included in the OfficePort price model. Local desktop issues can be supported by your existing local IT provider or with the assistance of OfficePort. The Service Level Agreement guarantees the availability of the OfficePort service not desktop computers, local communication lines or the Internet itself.

What happens if OfficePort goes down?
The OfficePort platform is designed not to fail however a 100% failsafe system is extremely difficult to design and in fact, in some cases, our engineers are limited by the hardware platform, the operating systems and the applications themselves. We do guarantee availability through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This SLA provides credits in the event of a failure.

How fast can I get up and running on OfficePort?
Once we receive a list of users, we can have you up and running in 24 hours!

My business has custom applications, can OfficePort deal with those?
OfficePort is a very rich hardware and software environment capable of being easily expanded or adapted to new applications. In certain cases, dedicated hosting is required. In these cases, a business case is developed and a per month price is distilled to insure the fixed cost approach to computing. Most business applications running today can be adapted to the OfficePort platform with little or no customization.

I work on a laptop & frequently travel. How can OfficePort work when I am on the road?
Although OfficePort is an online applications provider, we do have solutions for traveling users. To insure true mobility, laptop users must have their applications installed locally. We have added the Microsoft Briefcase functionality to OfficePort. This allows users to synchronize their data files before, during and after a road trip via a single click.

Can OfficePort host our web site and email?
Yes. We can do both or either one. You decide. Most customers find it convenient to just have one provider for both to simplify administration and billing.

What do I need to get connected to OfficePort?
You will need an internet connection of the appropriate speed. DSL is proving to be a very cost effective solution for most small to medium sized businesses and home users. We also recommend an appropriate firewall. Dedicated circuits as well as VPN’s are available if required.

Does OfficePort provide Internet access?
No. Clients will have to subscribe to a licensed ISP before they can access the OfficePort platform. This can be any ISP in the world.

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