The OfficePort concept was born from
the need for better business tools.

OfficePort Profile

OfficePort was founded in 2011 to deliver applications and hosting services to small and medium sized businesses.

OfficePort provides a 100% outsource solution including all of your commonly used business applications such as MS Office, Outlook, Exchange, QuickBooks and more. Customers can store their data with us and access it securely from anywhere in the world there is internet. Everything is backed up nightly.

Our written guarantee is a leader in the industry refunding customers should the service be unavailable for more than ten minutes.

OfficePort provides small business owners with an immediate and cost effective solution to all of their IT needs.

No more servers. No more software.


5798 St. Margarets Bay Rd.
Halifax, NS B3Z 2E4

Office: (902) 423-3599
Toll Free: (888) 784-2322

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Microsoft Office Standard
Microsoft Office Pro
Quickbooks Pro
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Dynamics GP
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